** THE SHOWBIZ LIVE! – Los Angeles, CA. (May 14, 2020). Bringing people together through music is the key mission of ActivAR Studios, a pioneering company that seeks to revolutionize the concert industry providing fans with unique and intimate virtual experiences with their favorite artists regardless of their physical location. Their online events differ from traditional in-person performances and presentations in social media, while they allow for closer, real-time interaction that can be customized depending on the market.
Located in Los Angeles, ActivAR’s state-of-the-art, 17,000-sq.ft facility operates with all necessary safety guidelines implemented for the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Equipped with three industry-standard studios within their large complex, their team has the technical resources to generate interactive features for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).  Among their striking assets is a virtual stage that employs the same technology to create CGI worlds used in blockbuster films such as the recent “The Lion King” remake, “Ready Player One,” and the popular TV show “The Mandalorian.”
This innovative venture can bring to life creative concepts through new technologies in order to amplify an artist’s reach and offer audiences singular opportunities to connect with them. ActivAR Studios recently put their services to the test alongside Mexican iconic singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solís, when they successfully handled
his extraordinary Mothers’ Day interactive serenade.
As part of this incredible undertaking, the acclaimed artist connected with over 100 mothers from around the world in a seamless experience. During the unprecedented concert Marco Antonio Solís was able to chat with several of the virtual attendees, who shared moving anecdotes and received words of support and encouragement from the idol to remain strong in these trying times. This massive online gathering streamed on YouTube and Facebook has reached over 2 million people globally making a fantastic triumph for ActivAR Studios.
About Activar Studios
ActivAR’s founders have proven that their vision for a musical world without borders is not only possible but also a major step towards the future of talent marketing. Their capabilities will help the industry move forward as we grapple with social distancing and new reality. While their immediate objective is to inspire people via the uplifting power of music, the tools and strategies the studio has developed will be continue to be significant for clients well beyond the crisis at hand. ActivAR is actively refining their operations to deliver engaging AR and VR experiences that bring fans and talent closer even if physically apart.
Jc Olivera is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Showbiz Live!, An online magazine focused in entertainment news, he is also a contributor photographer for mayor photo agencies, graphic designer, tech and gadget enthusiast. // who happens to love coffee //
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