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Shaila Durcal Behind the scenes

As I mentioned before, one of my specialties is Editorial Photography, this was an assignment for the agency I work with, Shaila Durcal was in Los Angeles promoting her latest album “Corazon Ranchero” and She was giving interviews and photo ops for the press, usually the agency gets in touch with the record label manager they set things up and I get confirmation on where and what time is my photo op.

I arrived 20 minutes early, waited in the lobby and found some other members of the press, some of them from local newspapers, others were local tv stations, after a couple of minutes I was called.

– Right before me, Shaila concluded an interview with a national tv program and I asked the reporter [who happens to be my friend] to take a short behind the scenes video.

PR gave me less than 10 minutes to shoot Shaila, I needed to have at least two sets, that day forgot to bring my radio transmitters, so I improvised using 2 Canon flashes, one as master set at 1/8 and the slave set at 1/4 mounted in a soft box in a tripod (Gear details below).

Shaila Durcal

…and of course at the end of the quick photo session I was lucky to have a picture with one of my favorite singers.



200 ISO

f/5 aperture

1/125  speed

Gear used:

Canon 50D

Canon  EF 24-70mm f/2.8L

Canon Speedlite 580

Canon Speedlite 580II

External battery power Quantum Turbo

Octodome nxt Extra Small

LiteDisc 32 inch Gold/Silver

If ya have any questions about my setup, feel free to drop me a line.


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