Aerosmith – “The Global Warming Tour” – Press Conference


Aerosmith "The Global Warming Tour" by Jc Olivera

Aerosmith “The Global Warming Tour” by Jc Olivera

Members of the Band Aerosmith announced their upcoming tour “The Global Warming Tour” at The Grove on March 28, 2012 in Los Angeles, California ( Photo and video by © Jc Olivera/SpecialEventPhotography.US)

Aerosmith "The Global Warming Tour" dates Jc Olivera

Today was a very intesting day, I got the chance to see a Band that used to be one of my favorites bands back in the mid 90’s, or when I was in high school, I am taking about Aerosmith, yes they are still in the music business and willing to make another World Tour, in fact it was the announcement of their upcoming tour “The Global Warming Tour: Aerosmith”

Few days ago I received an email from their Publicist, saying they the band will have a public appearance at The Grove in Los Angeles, and I replied requesting press credentials and hours later I got confirmation to attend the event.


Press Call was at 11:00 am, got there at 11:10 but still, places were marked, as soon as I checked in I received my press badge:


Then I went to find my spot, the place was already crowded, lots of media were already in their spots waiting for the band, I was assigned on the other side of the fence, security was tight, lots of private security as well as the LAPD.


On my left there was a huge area filled with fans, many were wearing t-shirts with images of Aerosmith, since it’s a public place and lots of tourist visit The Grove everyday, many of them did not know what was going on.

Short Atmosphere video of the Fans waiting for Aerosmith.

Minutes later they arrive exactly at 12:15 pm.

Tom Hamilton - Aerosmith - Jc Olivera -

Each member arrived in style, the fist one was Tom Hamilton.

Joey Kramer - Aerosmith - Jc Olivera
Followed by Joey Kramer, right behind him was Steven Tyler driving a bike.

Aerosmith - Jc Olivera - The Global Warming Tour
We were not lucky, Joey was looking at the other photographers, but we managed to get a few shots of the band together.


Aerosmith - Jc Olivera - the Global Warming Tour -
Member of the Band Aerosmith pose for a photograph.
See the big dude in the back?, He was nicely covering most of the shots.

Aerosmith - Jc Olivera -
Once the press conference started, all media were busy trying to get their best shot, of course I already got the images I needed, do you see the white bag near the step ladder?, – that was my spot, of course I moved to the left as close as possible to the guests to get a shot from a different angle.

Aerosmith 'the global warming tour' press conference bj Jc Olivera/
Here is a short video of the band answering a few questions from the media,  it was a short press conference, like 10 or 15 minutes, over all it was a good event.

… lastly here is the link of Aerosmith Tour Dates:

Their twitter: @Aerosmith

see y’all at the next special event,

Jc Olivera
Los Angeles Special Event Professional Photographer

Jc Olivera is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Showbiz Live!, An online magazine focused in entertainment news, he is also a contributor photographer for mayor photo agencies, graphic designer, tech and gadget enthusiast. // who happens to love coffee //
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